In my other life, I work with computers.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your collection is most amazing, Dr Chaudhuri! Would love to share that in my radio show FB page, if you allow.


  2. I have had a prayer answered in the recording of Darbari Kanada by Sarafat Hussain Khan, to hear a full exposition of a raga. There is Hazrat Turkaman, and two other bandisheshes, FOLLOWED BY A TARANA. cAN YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE VILAMBIT AND MADHYALAY BANDISHES THAT FOLLOW THE hAZRAT tURKAMAN. tHANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. i HAVE LISTENED TO iNDIAN MUSIC SINCE 1963, VERY VERY extensively. I think it is the greatest of all humanity. Sorry about the accidental caps lock. It’ hard for me to type, so please forgive the visual noise! Thank your for your website. Erdvilas

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